Spray Painting

Killen’s paint workshop is equipped with the latest technology to ensure all vehicles are painted to the highest quality. We have two qualified spray painter tradesman at Killen’s, Greg and our paint shop head foreman Jesse, who each have a passion for their profession. We also have an apprentice Spray Painter Ash, who is in his last year of training before becoming a fully qualified spray painter. The specialised equipment available and ongoing training allows our painters to confidently produce high quality professional finishes on all vehicles that come through the workshop.

Our workshop is equipped with two Full Downdraft Spray Bake Ovens, 2x Pan Spray Booths. Infra-red curing technology is also used in the work shop and allows vehicles to be dried the same way car manufacturers do with a flawless gloss exterior. The technique uses short wave technology that completely cures the vehicles surface through to the base metal.

The painting process involves several steps including colour matching with a spectrometer, surface preparation, applying the undercoat, painting the vehicle and finally drying the vehicle, which is all carried out in our preparation bays, spray booths and the bake ovens.

Equipment and technology used in the paint shop includes:

  • PPG Envirobase Paint System
  • Two Full Downdraft Bake Ovens
  • Spectrometer
  • ‘IRT’ infra-red drying equipment
  • SATA spray equipment
  • ‘PAN’ ventilated paint lab and computer matching and recording