Being involved in a car accident, no matter how big or small, can be an unpleasant experience and the team at Killen’s strive to make this as stress-free as possible.

Killen’s have two estimators, Michael who is the owner and manager of the business, and Andrew who has been working in the motor industry for 30+ years. Together, the pair have a combined total of 60 years experience in the smash repair industry and have been estimating and quoting vehicles for over 30 years.

Vehicles requiring repairs resulting from accident damage, hail or cosmetic touch ups can be assessed and quoted on site at Killen’s by either Michael or Andrew.

The estimating process to produce a quote is rather time consuming and often requires communication with several parts suppliers. Initially, the damaged vehicle needs to be photographed and assessed onsite, for minor repairs this will take between 15-20 minutes. Depending on the extent of the damage however, other equipment, such as a hoist and electronic measurements may need to be used in order to assess undercarriage damage. Our estimator will then spend time producing the estimate on a computer system, specific to your Insurers requirements, ensuring all the visible damage is included. When the estimate has been finalised, Killen’s will arrange with the customer a suitable time to book the vehicle in for the repairs to be completed. For customers going through insurance the estimate will be sent to the insurance company with the appropriate claim number and images for approval. When the repairs have been approved by the insurance company, Killen’s can then book the vehicle in for repairs.

DNS technology is used at Killen’s which allows us to send estimates via online programs including Estimage, ORM & Audabridge so that vehicles can be viewed by insurance assessing centres electronically, eliminating the need for onsite insurance assessments in some circumstances.

Killen’s communicate with all insurance companies via online systems, email and over the phone, making the authorisation process as quick as possible for the customer.